My First Application

By now you should have created your FlexStudio account and downloaded FlexGen

To create your first application, you need to create an application in FlexStudio and then publish the solution through FlexGen. Then open the solution in Visual Studio and link to Flexbase NuGet. After this you can start designing modules and features in FlexStudio and publishing them in the solution folders through FlexGen

In this section, we will quickly outline the steps for creating your first application in FlexStudio and publishing the solution using FlexGen. In the next subsection, we will cover designing, publishing and coding your first feature.

When you login in FlexStudio for the first time, you will first see the application area with a sample application "Flex Shop"

If you click on "Flex Shop" application, you can navigate its Modules and Features as shown below

You can navigate back to the applications area by clicking on the "Flex Studio" icon on the top left corner.

To create a new application click on "Add New" button on top right corner.

You will get an application creation pane on the right. Enter the application name, description and user details. By default, you will see you username appearing in all user selections. Select the username in all 3 fields.

Click Save.

First Application

"FirstApplication" is added to the list of applications in the application area

When you login in FexGen, you can select "FirstApplication" from select application drop down on the top left corner

First you need to select the application path. You can create a folder "MyFirstApplication".

Select the folder and save the path.

The click on the "Generate" button in the Application Solution block. You will get a pop-up to confirm. Click Continue.

The solution generation will start. It will take roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute to generate the solution code.

Once the code is generated, you will get the notification "Solution generated" and "Copying code to the folder"

After this you can check the folder and you will find the "FirstApplication" solution folder and files created. Now you can open the solution in Visual Studio.

Use this link in VS NuGet Package manager to configure Flexbase package.

In next section we will show how you can create your first feature and start writing code.