Getting Started

Creating Accounts, Login and Setups

Let's get started with the set up.

Step1: Sign-in in FlexStudio

Click on sign up link and create your account, if you have not already done so.

When you sing-in, you will see listing of all the applications you are working on. You can create more applications, modules and features. By default, FlexShop sample application will be listed.

Step2: Download FlexGen from FlexStudio

Currently, FlexGen is available for Windows OS only. When you click on the download button, the latest stable version of FlexGen exe will be downloaded as a zipped file.

Step3: Sign-in in FlexGen

Once you unzip the file, open FlexgenAlpha application.

You will see a login screen. The login username password is same as in FlexStudio.

After you sign-in, you will see the welcome screen. Here you can select the applications that you want to implement.

Use this link in VS NuGet Package manager to configure Flexbase package.

You are all set to start creating your first application.

Before you build your first application, you can go through the core concepts of Flexbase.